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QatarEnergy is using the SAP Contract and Purchasing Management Module to handle all the Public Tenders and Contracts issued by the QatarEnergy Contracts & Purchasing Department. Consequently, all prospective Contractors and Material Suppliers wishing to either do business with QatarEnergy Contracts & Purchasing Department or participate in QatarEnergy Tenders are required to have a QatarEnergy SAP Vendor Code prior to the issuance of any Tender Document, Request for Quotations, or Purchase orders.

To facilitate prospective Contractors and Suppliers registration with QatarEnergy and as part of QatarEnergy’s strategy to progress with e-procurement you are requested to submit your company details as per QatarEnergy’s e-registration process and Vendor Guidelines.

It is imperative for all concerned Contractors and Suppliers to get their company details registered with QatarEnergy well in advance. Already registered Contractors and Suppliers are also encouraged to maintain their company details including Commercial listing updated to avoid any delays in processing Tenders and Purchase orders as well as payment related matters.

Contractors and Suppliers will be officially notified of their registration with QatarEnergy along with their unique SAP Vendor code. Notification of Registration does not confer any approval or pre-qualification status on any Contractor or Supplier. The award of any business by QatarEnergy will be a result of established procedures for Tendering, bidding, evaluation, and award.

Refer to QatarEnergy Code of Conduct page - Business Ethics

Refer to FAQ for registration and for further clarification, contact Supplier Relations

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